FR-Fleece-280 is certified to EN 1149-5

In July 2017 our new fabric FR-Fleece-280 has been successfully tested and certified to EN 1149-5 (Protective clothing. Electrostatic properties).

FR Fleece-280 is a flame retardant blend of 60% Modacrylic 39% Cotton and 1% of antistatic. The workwear jackets made from the fleece are lightweight, very warm and durable. Flame retardant and antistatic properties allow using it as inner layer for FR-clothing to increase protection from Heat and Flame.

EN 1149-5 is European standard for garments that protect against electrostatic discharge where there is a risk of explosion e.g. in oil refineries.

It is part of a series of standards for test methods and requirements for electrostatic properties of protective clothing.

EN 1143-3 is a test method, that uses induction charging to evaluate how fast a fabric discharge, i.e. looses its electrostatic charge via air. According to the Standard the charge decay value should be no more than 4 seconds according to test method EN 1149-3. It means that antistatic fabric should loose its electrostatic charge in less than 4s.

The testing was done at independent international laboratory AITEX (Spain).

FR-Fleece-280 has been successfully tested to the following test: Charge decay, according EN 1139-3:2004 (after 5 washing cycles at 400C, according to standard ISO 6330:2012, Tumbler Dry, F).

En 1149-3 requirements are as following: t50 < 4 seconds or S >0,2

  • S = 0,68 – Shielding factor – PASS
  • t50 = < 0,01 – Decay half time – PASS

When testing FR-Fleece-280 fabric is dissipated (lost) its electrostatic charge in just 0,01 second. So it’s 400 times better, than EN 1149-5 requires.

You can find additional information on the FR-Fleece-280 product page.