FR-Lining receives EN ISO 14116:2015 certificate

In June, 2017 our new flame retardant fabric FR-Lining-150 was tested and certified to EN ISO 14116:2015
(Protective clothing – Protection against heat and flame – Limited flame spread materials). The testing was done at independent international laboratory AITEX (Spain).

This standard specifies the performance requirements for the limited flame spread properties of all materials and protective clothing in order to reduce the possibility of the clothing burning when in occasional and brief contact with small flames and thereby constituting a hazard.

FR-Linnig-150 is a new fabric developed by XM FireLine™ with a composition of 80% cotton and 20% polyester and plain 1/1 weave. It is light, only 150gsm, yet durable and flame retardant.

FR-Lining-150 is best used as inner layer in winter FR clothing like warm jacket or pants. Internal lining fabric is an integral part of the heat protective package, and performs several functions: isolating membrane, protecting against abrasion, increases protection against heat and provides additional comfort of worker.

This flame retardant lining fabric has undergone the following tests (according to ISO 14116):

  • Thermal behavior. Limited flame spread. Method A (Surface ignition) – Passed successfully, assigned Index 3
    • The hole or the lower part of the flame mustn’t reach the highest or vertical bottom of the specimen
    • No specimen shall give flaming or molten debris.
    • No specimen shall give hole formation of 5 mm or greater in any direction, except for an interlining that is used for specific protection other than flame protection
    • The afterflame time is ≤ 2 s e) The afterglow time is ≤ 2 s
  • Tensile strength, (after washes) – Passed successfully
  • Tear strength, (after washes) – Passed successfully
  • Dimensional change of textile materials, (after washes) – Passed successfully

You can find all certificates and additional information on the FR-Lining product page.