FR-Oxford is certified EN 14116, EN 1149-5 & EN 343

In February of 2017 it has obtained the certificate EN 14116 (protection against heat and flame), EN 1149-5 (antistatic) EN 343 (water resistance).

FR-Oxford is the first polyester fabric with flame resistant antistatic and water resistant properties of XM FireLine assortment. You can buy this fabric from us in normal or High-Vis Yellow or Orange color. 

All the tests were performed in Spain in AITEX laboratory.

  • Performance level according to EN ISO 14116:2015: Index 1.
  • Our fabric not give flaming or molten debris and the afterglow time is ≤ 2 s.
  • FR-Oxford resists a breaking load in both directions ≥  150N.
  • Tensile strength:
    – warp: 1000N
    – weft: 900N

According to the requirements of standard (EN 343), water vapour resistance of all layers of the garment shall be in accordance with the following table:

 40 < Ret   20< Ret ≤ 40   Ret ≤ 20 

Our fabric water vapour resistance Ret (m2Pa/W) – 28 that satisfy CLASS 2.
It is made of 300D polyester with additional of yarn integrated in fabric (grid pattern) structure.

FR-Oxford results according to requirements of EN 1149-5:2008  and EN 1149-3:2004 are: t50< 4 s or S > 0,2
This fabric is ideal to use for flame resistant rainwear FR-jackets, FR-pants etc).

FR-Oxford is fully certified to EN 20471.

You can find all certificates and additional information on the product page.