Poseidon-300 fr fabric is certified to ASTM F1959 (HRC 2)

April 2018, Kinectrics lab (Canada) – our flame retardant fabric Poseidon-300 has been certified to ASTM F1959 / F1959M – 14e1 (Standard Test Method for Determining the Arc Rating of Materials for Clothing).

ASTM F1959 is used to measure the arc rating of materials intended for use as flame resistant clothing for workers exposed to electric arcs that would generate heat flux rates from 84 to 25’120 kW/m2 [2 to 600 cal/cm2s].

This test method will measure the arc rating of materials which meet the following requirements: less than 150 mm (6 inch) char length and less than 2 seconds afterflame when tested in accordance with Test Method ASTM D6413.

Poseidon-300 fr fabric samples tested as received, pre-test laundering made in accordance with AATCC Method 135.

The Arc Rating of Poseidon-300 fr fabric is intended for use as part of a flame resistant garment or system for workers exposed to electric arcs. The test result is applicable only to the test item as described. The Arc Rating was calculated based on the data obtained and analysed in accordance with the latest version of the applicable standards.

The Poseidon-300 fr fabric testing sample received the following ATPV and HAF value:

  • Arc Rating: ATPV = 12 cal/cm²
  • Heat Attenuation Factor, HAF = 77%

Poseidon 300 is a quality poly-cotton fabric with high content of cotton, with addition of polyester and antistatic yarn. It is developed by XM FireLine™ for workers of Oil and Gas industries such as rig-chiefs fr jackets, fr trousers, fr overalls, for oil-pipeline workers fr uniforms and other fr clothing.

The fr fabric Poseidon-300 with twill 2/2 weave is comfortable to wear and has better tear resistance, then pure cotton. It is also has antistatic properties (EN 1149). An optional Multi-Risk (ISO 13034) finish makes it water repellent (WR) and also resistant to some acids, alkali, grease and oil.