Poseidon-300 fr fabric gets EN 61482-1-1

December 2017, AITEX lab (Spain) has tested and certified flame retardant fabric Poseidon-300 to EN 61482-1-1 (Electric Arc).

EN (IEC) 61482-1-1 is a safety standard for Protective clothing against the thermal hazards of an electric arc. FR fabric Poseidon-300 has been tested by Method 1, Determination of the arc rating (ATPV or EBT50) of flame resistant materials for clothing). This test method measures the ATPV value or EBT50.

The ATPV value is the value (in cal/cm2) that predicts a 50% of protection against a second degree burn. The higher the value, the better the protection. The fabric / garment should have a minimum ATPV rating of 4 cal / cm² according to this standard.

The “Open Arc” test method is the same as the original North American method for measuring the Arc Thermal Performance Value (ATPV) as used in ASTM F1959.

Poseidon 300 is a high quality poly-cotton fabric with high content of cotton, improved by addition of polyester and antistatic yarn. It is developed by XM FireLine™ for workers of Oil and Gas industries and it suits well for rig-chiefs jackets and trousers, for oil-pipeline workers uniforms and other fr clothing.

The fabric with twill 2/2 weave is comfortable to wear, it has better tear resistance, then pure cotton and it has antistatic properties. An optional Multi-Risk finish makes it water repellent (WR) and also resistant to the influence of some acids, alkali, grease and oil.

Electric arc exposure test: determination of the arc rating (atpv or ebt50) of flame resistant materials for clothing (IEC 61482-1-1:2009, panel test (Method A)

The test program includes minimum of twenty individual panel arc trials. The following test data was recorded for each trial:

– Arc exposure electrical conditions: arc trial number, RMS arc current, peak arc current, arc  voltage, arc duration, energy dissipated in arc, plots of arc current and arc voltage.
– Temperature rise response from two monitor sensors for each panel in each trial, plot of average responses from two monitor sensors.
– Pictures after arc exposure.
– Video

Essential test data and test results are presented in the following pages as follows:

– Arc rating: ATPV or EBT50 or both and plots of the burn injury probability (ATPV) or break open probability (EBT50) or both versus Ei.-
– Heat attenuation factor (HAF) and plot of HAF on Ei. Test specimen description and order of layer.
– Distance from an arc center line to the panel surface. Subjective evaluation.
– Pictures after arc exposure.
– Ignition probability value (if determined during testing).

Poseidon-300 test results (after 5 washing cycles at 600C)

  • ARC RATING -11,8 cal/cm2
  • HAF – 78,0 %

You can find all the certificates and additional information on the product page.